Our History

The Penguin Ski Club was formed by five couples in the year 1967 at the home of Julius and Marion Boess. These couples had skied together with their children and felt that by forming a group or club, they could get more families interested in skiing and perhaps get discounts on lift tickets. Besides the Boess’, there were Jack and Rose Collins, Erhardt and Hedy Boess, Gene and Mary Bachinsky and Dick and Honey Seibel.

When these five families got together at the slopes they wanted to come up with a name for the club, and after seeing themselves (some in black and white) with their children close behind, they reminded themselves of a bunch of Penguins, and thus the name THE PENGUIN SKI CLUB.

Thanks to Julius Boess and his way with words, he created our ski song, THINK SNOW.

After four years of existence, the club was incorporated on January 15, 1971 as a non-profit organization for the purpose of promoting the enjoyment of the sport of skiing in family groups, and the promotion of fellowship among its members and their families. The club has grown over the past 20 plus years from these original five couples and their children to over 150 family and single members, or a total of over 500. This could only happen by all of us donating time and effort into the club.

We have grown also because the members have run trips, held dances, run ski races, sold discount lift tickets, and through the sale of our ski hats and pins.

We are proud to be a part of  The Penguin Ski Club  and hope you will snare the same enthusiasm.

The club is made up of families with children, married couples, and single members, all of whom LOVE TO SKI! The club also offers different social activities, so there is sure to be something to interest every skier!

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