Penguin Store

 Shown below are the items available
with our Penguin logo!

Contact Annette Marks at the meetings to make a purchase.

Be proud and show your Penguin loyalty!!
Also available but not shown: Patches for $1.00 ea.
Tan Sweatshirts - $18.00 each - XL only available
Black Sweatshirts - $18.00 each - XXL $ 3.00 extra
Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirts (Red & Turquoise)- $15.00
Men's Short Sleeve T-Shirt (White, Logo on Back)- $15.00
Black Turtleneck $20.00 (XXL +$3.00)
(Purple sold out)
Baseball Caps - tan or black $10.00 each
Mugs - Glass or Travel $ 2.00 each
Penguin Sign (Yellow) $10.00
Logo Bags $5.00