Penguin Day 2006

The Penguins will be gathering during the day at the Double Decker Lodge at the bottom of Big Boulder Mountain. Look for the Penguin Decorations!

There are other activities happening at Big Boulder during the day so we are CHANGING THE BUFFET to 6:00! We will have the lodge after 6:00 to all Penguins!

Dinner will be buffet (Hot Roast Beef, Meatballs, Lunch meat platter, salads) with beverages and desert at 6:00. PLEASE pass the change in time to everyone you meet! All penguins are free, a $10.00 fee is for all guests over the age of 15!

Many great penguins have been singing our song and "THINK SNOW" and yes, we will have perfect conditions on Saturday!

We are the Penguins, We are the Best! We hit the hills with gusto and zest...
Looking forward to sharing a great day with great people, Mary Anne 215-612-0128